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Dog Sledding

The 1925 Serum Run

In 1925 there was a diphtheria outbreak affecting the children of an outpost city in the US territory of Alaska, this city is the Nome. A cry for help rang out from the city and was quickly answered, however in the Alaskan style, there were hurdles that had to be overcome. The Antitoxin was in desperate need, time was of the essence or more lives would be lost. 

20 Mushers and their 150 sled dogs were rallied to make a run of 674 Miles from Nenana to Nome. The weather ranged from -60° F and 60 Mph winds for the 5 days that it would take to make the run from start to Finnish. 

Sourdough Pete relives the event for you as he travels from check point to check point along with each musher, applauding the heroes, both man and beast, that risked their lives to save the young lives in Nome. 

E-Mail Arctic Echoes to see about getting your own CD describing the event and pearls that afflicted the mushers on their journey . The 47 minuet CD is wonderful for the classroom as well! 


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