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About On-Hold Advertising
When you place a caller on hold, do you know what they hear? If it is a radio station, do they approve of the music? Might they hear a commercial of a competitor? If it is silent does your caller know they are on hold and not forgotten?AT&T conducted a study revealing in most office situations, 70% of all callers are placed on hold, 50% hang up and those 30% will not call back.We intend to help lower those numbers that hang up on your office.How? By providing you with messages that hold the attention of your caller and make them more informed of what you can do for them. They have called you, they want to do business with you, don't turn them away.Arctic Echoes can provide you with the equipment to work for your conditions. By using a Digital Message Delivery System, your company will deliver the best appearance/sound possible. With Arctic Echoes, keeping your message fresh, you can hold the attention of even the most frequent caller.
  • We provide you with fun custom messages
  • We keep information current
  • Prices to fit your budget
  • We make the "On Hold" experience pleasant and profitable for you!

On-Hold Facts
You can let your customers know what is going on, informing them of sales, or product information. The more correct information your client has, the easier their choices will be, therefore making your job easier.Companies around the world use this marketing tool They find that it helps the callers pass the time while they are on-hold and some have actually asked to be placed back on-hold to hear the rest of the message.Newspapers charge a considerable amount for advertising, radio and television is even more costly, and you may not even reach "your client". With Arctic Echoes producing your on-hold transmissions, you are guaranteed to reach your target audience.
Auto Attendant & Voice Mail Prompts
The statement "There is no second chance to make a first impression" is so very true in the business world. Let the warm sounds of Arctic Echoes make the best impression for your business with Auto Attendants and Voice Mail Prompts.
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Business Video Voicing

  • Training videos
  • Videos to new clients
  • Video productions

Drive by broadcasting
Have you ever sat back and thought "if only these walls could talk....." now that is a possibility, Arctic Echoes along with Drive by broadcasting brings you the talking wall system. The talking wall is a portable low power radio broadcasting unit that is simple to use and a great marketing tool. this tool will allow the building to 'speak for its self', with a little help from the crew at arctic echoes. here is an example,

"Why hello there, thank you for pulling into the drive, let me introduce my self to you, most of the people that see me call me a ranch home, the ones that have come to love me call me home and the city calls me 1234 your street. I am a well loved ranch style home that was built in 1972, I have 4 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms that were just retiled. as you see in front of you there is a nice full size 2 bay garage that can hold 3 cars easily and still have room to move around in, as you walk through the door going in to the house from the garage you will find a wonderful kitchen with oak cabinets a twin pan sink with an instant hot water dispenser, gen air indoor grill and a new range and fridge you walk past the informal dining room and past the formal dining room into the sunken living room with vaulted ceilings or stay above on the hall walk way, and go back to the den and bed room areas. I can offer you a warm environment to see! more of me please contact your real estate broker or call mine at 555-1212 and ask for Jim. Thanks for stooping by I hope to see you soon."

That would just be an example. We would hope to bring a little life and character to the home. But we are not limited to just homes, we can help bring attention to the sale that you store may be having, or direct people to additional parking around the corner when things get busy, or advertise times of operation and other venues walls would ! not be limited to the things that could be said why should you? And using 'talking walls' in association with Drive by Broadcasting's equipment and The talent and technologies of Arctic Echoes, you to can make your walls talk to the public. For more information feel free to contact Arctic Echoes. 907 . 278 . 2488 - or e-mail us. Not in the South central Alaska area? Arctic Echoes is not limited to boundaries we can rush mail or e-mail audio to you, call for more information, 907-278-2488.



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