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The Big Voice of Alaska, Arctic Echoes is able to provide you with complete commercial packages, to run once and remember forever commercial

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Arctic Echoes is a full line audio production company created by Peter Summers in 1994. Before starting Arctic Echoes, Mr. Summers was producing audio products for radio stations, as an on air personality, and for a TV station, producing image liners and voice-overs.

Peter Summers was born in Alaska, and was raised in a radio station until he was 13. At the age of 15, Mr. Summers started his radio career in Anchorage. He has also worked in television, and has been able to work with all aspects of the broadcast industry, from sales to engineering. Mr. Summers is applying now what he has learned, both from his parents and while on the job, in his thriving audio production company, Arctic Echoes.

The Studios are both; analog and digital, this enables us to provide you with whatever your needs may be. It also provides us with the ability to transport our service world wide. With several formats and styles of media, Arctic Echoes can provide you with the best sound in a timely manner. When it is THE customer on the line, you can be sure that we will come through for YOU, so you can come through for your customer.

Clients of Arctic Echoes have raved about the services calling the productions "fresh and energetic." The Computer Shop had a customer call praising the "new sound" the "Big Voice" and "the ability to convey the mental image through the radio commercial." Our On Hold clients like Rae's Harness Shop, Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Eagle River Automotive, Valley Feed and Seed, & Alaska Garden & Pet, and MTA, have said how their customers often received the information they needed after having been on hold.

They also have had customers ask about new services or some of the 'unknown' services that are provided that they heard about while on hold, generating another sale or extended business. With the use of Arctic Echoes, we can keep your customers informed and entertained, we call this infotainment. An informed customer is an easier customer to work with, making your job easier as well. We look forward to helping you, and your customers. If you have any questions about our services please feel free to contact us.

Peter Summers
Owner Arctic Echoes


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